Tina vom Hause Gründchen IPO Training

IPO Training

Tina vom Hause Gründchen in IPO traing. Tina is certified in IPOI, and Serbian Champion of Beauty

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Tina vom Hause Gründchen showing off


Tina at Exhibition show in Backamo Sweden in August 22. 2015. Judged v1 and Excellent by Judge Mr Carsten Birk

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Tina vom Hause Gründchen the family dog

Family Dog

Top performing working dog and Loves IPO training and performing, but also a real family dog. She just adore the grandchildren.

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IPO Training

Tina vom Hause Gründchen is certified IPOI and Serbian Champion of beauty. Here's a shot from a traing session. Officially, she is now retired, and my family dog, but this dog is so responsive and eager to work, that I have to continue some slower pace training just to keep her occupied and happy. The "drive" and "Go" in this dog is enormous.

Tina IPO Training

Tina the Proud Mother. Feeding Time.

Tina, the proud mother showing off a couple of her puppies from her last litter. Here, 8 weeks old and allmost ready for their new homes.

Tina the proud mother

And lastly. Tina the Family Dog.

Tina loves her role as "Family Dog". She just adore the grandchildren and are very protective regarding "her pack"

Tina the family dog